Deborah Koepper

Deborah Koepper has earned a reputation as one of the nation's most skilled estheticians and make-up artists. Her résumé of career accomplishments speaks volumes. From serving as stylist to the First Lady Nancy Reagan and the make-up artist of choice for visiting White House dignitaries and diplomats, working with the grooming needs of the Bushadministration, to establishing the esthetics wing of one of Washington's most prestigious spas, Koepper's experience, education and training is unparalleled.

Over a decade ago Koepper moved south to Florida, establishing her own salon. Today, the salon on the fashionable island of Palm Beach has a loyal clientele that has grown to include Alex von Furstenburg, Queen Beatrix, Joan Rivers, Samantha Boardman and Brooke Shields, just to name a few. Koepper and her staff are in demand at the shows of such designers as Kors, Duke, Halston, Ferre and Mackie. From styling magazine covers and national advertisements, to articulating the on-airappearances of television news personalities, to being quoted as an expert source in national publications, Koepper is a sought-after leader in the industry.

The Deborah Koepper Beauty is replete with all facets of esthetic skin, hair and nail care, medical skin treatments, personal styling and makeovers. Additionally, she has fomulated an exclusive skin care treatment and cosmetics collection. Together with her team of professionals, Koepper has built an incredible business, while creating a unique environment that is all about beauty, care, tranquility and impeccably discreet service.